A commercial escrow settlement can involve the transfer of any real estate, aside from residential property such as apartment complexes, industrial real estate, retail property, or a note sale transaction. Our escrow agents have years of experience handling complex commercial escrow transactions with an understanding of the unique aspects of this type of transaction.

In California, it can be a complicated process to close escrow on a commercial property. Market Street Escrow recognizes that there is simply no such thing as an easy commercial escrow transaction, and each is unique, requiring an agent who is both a coordinator and problem solver. In many cases, commercial transactions can become so complex that the escrow agent is the only one with a grasp on all closing requirements and details.

The escrow agent has a great responsibility in a commercial transaction, which typically involves ensuring that all business agreement conditions have been met. A common situation involves one business winning a bid for a major project. Rather than the business with the contract paying money up front, the money may be placed in escrow until the project is finished.


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