About Us

Market Street Escrow is an independent full-service escrow company that serves California. We are proud to have a team of dedicated escrow officers with decades of experience handling everything from residential and REO escrow transactions to refinance escrow, commercial escrow and complex probate escrow transactions. Our escrow agents are trained in all aspects of California real estate procedures, taxes, title insurance and deeds with the experience and extensive knowledge base to ensure a smooth and on-time closing. At Market Street Escrow, we embrace the concept that values should be the foundation for all actions and decisions related to our clients and communities. We work hard to complete escrow efficiently and accurately while avoiding any unpleasant surprises for our clients.

Our Team

Staurt Schonwetter

As President of Market Street Escrow, Stuart ensures that the latest technological tools are available to assist escrow officers, to achieve their goals. These include state of the art software and online reporting. Clients benefit from the finest escrow staff in the business, being not only high tech but friendly and professional.